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Mixing electronica and pop, the track invites us to get up close and personal with ASRAM 450 as she explores a new love connection. Enticing and sensual, the dance remix offers up a hint of a 90’s dance feel. The original version has a Caribbean, reggae feel and the acapella mix is smooth and expressive with ASRAM 450’s sweet voice and intricate harmonies leading us forward. The label also offers up two instrumental tracks to enjoy.

ASRAM 450 RAINBOW EPis available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and most music outlets, see link:

For more info about ASRAM 450 please visit: http://keymediagroupartists.com/Asram450.

RAINBOW EP tracks list:

  1. Rainbow
  2. Rainbow Yoken Remix
  3. Rainbow Acapella
  4. Rainbow Instrumental
  5. Rainbow Yoken Remix Instrumental
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